The materials used in the production of our concrete products are sourced within a 500 mile radius of our artisan studio. Our concrete is made of locally quarried sand and rock with a small percentage of locally made cement added to bind them together. The additives that help densify and allow more malleability are all bi-products of the production of cement resulting in high post-industrial content. Our Terrazzo concrete products have 75% post-consumer recycled glass content. Our studio uses non automated machinery and recycles the water we use from mixing and polishing.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Regular thorough cleaning with a mild detergent and a damp dishcloth is all that is needed. We will supply you with our own cleaner, RQ CleanCrete, initially. We recommend that you use this to clean your counter for the first 2 months as it helps the ICT sealing system react with the concrete. Abrasive sponges are not recommended unless absolutely necessary, even then, use lots of water to loosen whatever it is you need to get off and go lightly. Abrasion can dull the surface. Heavy-duty cleaners are not needed and may react with the finish. Anything containing “Clorox” or “bleach” – especially “disinfecting wipes” can haze the surface with prolonged use. Concrete is naturally anti-bacterial making it an especially effective counter surface. Our specialized finish process does not require or involve wax. ALWAYS test a product on a small discrete corner and do not use if there are any doubts.

RQ CleanCrete

Available from Reaching Quiet, RQ CleanCrete is a pure form of vinegar (acetic acid) and a couple other proprietary ingredients that help keep the sealer reacting with the concrete, as well being an excellent cleaner. This can be purchased through our showroom or online.