We can personalize your concrete with inlays of your own memorabilia or you can have us artistically inlay our own fossils, petrified wood, or metals.
Recycled Glass AggregateRecycled Glass Aggregate

Recycled Glass Aggregate

We can add recycled glass chips to our mix for our Terrazzo finish which can help your building attain LEED certification. Recycled glass is limited to a mixed colored glass (greens, browns, ambers) or a clear glass.
Drainboards: ParallelDrainboards: Parallel

Drainboards: Parallel

This drainboard works best with zero radius style stainless steel sinks
Decorative AggregatesDecorative Aggregates

Decorative Aggregates

Semi-precious stones such as mother of pearl or tiger's eye can be added to our mix for our Terrazzo finish.


A great functional and complementary addition to your concrete counters are stainless steel or copper tivets placed near a stove or in your drainboard.
Drainboards: FlareDrainboards: Flare

Drainboards: Flare

The Flare drainboard is a tapered drainboard that slopes towards the sink while the stainless steel trivets allow dishes to drain as well as provide a place for hot pots and pans. It comes in three sizes.