A passion for interior design.

Eric Boyd’s interest in design started in his youth. Always fascinated with how things worked, Eric spent much of his youth deconstructing and rebuilding his environment.

His inquisitive nature eventually led him to UNCC’s Architecture program where he immersed himself in the wood and metals shops, further developing his hands-on approach to interior design..

Upon graduation, Eric started Reaching Quiet Design with two fellow UNCC graduates. Setting them apart from their peers, the firm designs and fabricates most of their work by hand and continually blurs the boundaries between architecture, interior design and product/furniture development.

A master in concrete, wood and steel, Eric regularly collaborates with other design professionals in addition to receiving solo commissions. His devotion to concrete as a medium has helped Reaching Quiet become a leader in the decorative concrete industry and has garnered multiple national and international awards.

As one of the leading interior & restaurant design professionals in the Charlotte, NC area, you can rely on Eric to deliver excellence, every time.